GK Point With All Competition Exam Important

1] Recently Zimbabwe launched a gold coin to control currency.   – Coin Name : “Mausi-au-tunya”   OBJECTIVE:- These coins were issued to curb the black market of US dollars by citizens of Zimbabwe. 2] The Vice President awarded the Tamil Nadu State Police with the President’s Colors (National Emblem). 3] Point 5140 in Dras … Read more

પ્રાચીન ભારતનો આધુનિક ઇતિહાસ || Modern History of Ancient India

પ્રાચીન ભારતનો આધુનિક ઇતિહાસ || Modern History of Ancient India Modern History of Ancient India Modern historians of ancient India Colonial thought and their contribution Although educated Indians retained their traditional history in the form of handwritten epics, Puranas and semi-biographical works, modern research into the history of ancient India began only in the second … Read more

GK Point With All Exam

1] MH-60 Romeo helicopter received by India.   – Us (America) gave MH-60 Romeo helicopters to India.  – Features:- This helicopter can be operated in any season,   – This helicopter is equipped with a deadly rocket system missile system  2] India’s first brain health clinic to open in Bangalore.  3] “Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022” … Read more

મહત્વપૂર્ણ પ્રશ્ર્નો અને જવાબો || Important Questions And Answers

1) Whose nickname is Adal and Motalal?  A. Balwantrai Kalyanrai Thakor  B. Ardeshar Faramji Khabardar✅  C. Damodar Khushaldas Botadkar  D. Ranjitram Vavabhai Mehta 2) Who among the following called the river Lokmata?  A. Dattatreya Balakrishna Kalelkar (Uncle).✅  B. Kishorelal Ghanshyamlal Mashruwala  C. Mahadev Bhai Desai  D. Swami Anand 3) Whose book is the descending wall? … Read more